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The Foundational Questions in Science series was developed as part of a co-publishing alliance with Yale University Press. Each book is written by a prominent researcher and is designed to examine philosophical assumptions undergirding research on questions of importance.

Praise for This Series

A wide-ranging discussion of the distinctive features of human belief. Readers with an interest in the origins of human cognition will find it a stimulating book.

Jonathan Birch Current Biology

[This] important and timely book reminds us that ethics at its best challenges rather than justifies the status quo, which is why a purely descriptive science of ethics is never enough

Julian Baggini Wall Street Journal

Adds substantially to the case for the importance of coevolutionary relationships in human evolution. In summary, this book will be a valuable addition to college courses in fields such as anthropology and history, and the book’s ease of presentation make it accessible and engaging to general readers.

M. J. O'Brien Choice

An engaging and interesting account.

The Economist

[A] brilliant contribution to this branch of socio-political discourse.

Herbert Gintis Nature