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While many books strive to stimulate thinking through provocative anecdotes and theories, Why Are We Created? takes a different path. It begins with a question and continues with a multitude of questions like these:

What is the importance of recognizing the presence of the sacred within us and around us?
How can individuals create a purposeful and fruitful way of life?
How does happiness relate to one’s purpose?

The intent of these questions is to encourage thoughtfulness, observation, and research that enlarges understanding while offering a sense of direction. The goal is to help individuals live a more useful and happy life.

Sir John and Reverend Dunlap use the questions to help readers explore the role of humility as a key to knowledge and progress. They look at the creative power of purposeful thinking and ask how life might be changed if we refuse to dwell on any thought we would not want objectified in our life. They pose questions related to consciously directing one’s life.

Helping to shed light on the possible connection between spiritual principles and human concepts is commentary from a wide range of sources: the scriptures, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Edward O. Wilson, Emanuel Swedenborg, Emmet Fox, A. H. Maslow, Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, among many others.

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Introduction / xi

Expanding and Evolving / xiv

Opportunities to Learn / xiv

What Is the Essence of Our Purpose in Life? / xv

Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles / xviii

Possibilities for Spiritual Progress / xviii


1. The Splendor That Can Shine! / 3

A Succession of Wonderment / 4
What Are We? / 6
Some Pertinent Comments about Purpose / 7
Living in a Three-Dimensional World / 9
Are You the Creator’s Apple Tree? / 10
The Ordering Principle / 12
Encouraging Creativity and Progress in Our Lives / 13
The Creative Power of the Imagination / 14
Principles and Concepts / 14
A New Era of Progress / 15
Reflections on Life / 17

2. The Power of Purpose / 19

The Incredible Human / 20
The Call to the Heights / 21
Hearing and Responding to the Call / 22
Our Link with Universal Energy / 23
Discerning Our Purpose / 24
Possibilities for Spiritual Growth / 26
Keep an Open Mind / 26
Develop a Spiritual Consciousness / 27
Discover the Gift of Inner Spirit / 27
Finding Joy / 28
Why Is Having Purpose so Important to Progression? / 29
High Aims and Clear Progress / 29
Why Is Having Purpose in Your Life so Powerful? / 30
Setting Goals / 31
The Power of Purpose and the Power of the Present / 32
Today! / 34
Reflections on Life / 34

3. Opening Wide the Door to Opportunity / 37

Recognizing Opportunities / 38
Growing in Awareness / 39
Building a Heaven on Earth / 40
Accepting and Creating Opportunities / 41
Cultivating a Spirit of Adventure / 43
Evaluating Priorities and Values / 45
Utilizing Gifts and Talents / 46
From “Stumbling Blocks” to “Stepping Stones” / 47
The Principle of Attraction / 48
How Practical Is Purpose? / 49
Reflections on Life / 50


4. The Humble Approach / 55

Schoolroom Earth! / 56
Seeking to Understand the Benefits of Humility / 57
Humility as a Gateway to Knowledge / 58
Humility as a Key to Progress / 60
Humility Theology / 60
Humility as a Pathway for Transformation / 61
Why Are We Created? / 62
Spiritual Progress through a Humble Approach to Life / 63
Beneficial Results from a Humble Approach to Life / 64
Reflections on Life / 65

5. The Creative Power of Purposeful Living / 67

What Are Thoughts? / 68
Our Thoughts Define Our World / 69
You Are More Than Your Mind / 71
Body/Brain/Mind Connection / 72
Consciousness / 73
What about “Reality”? / 74
Thought as a Key to Expanding Spiritual Discoveries / 76
Managing Your Thoughts / 77
Renewing the Mind / 78
The Thinking/Feeling Connection / 79
Listening with Purpose / 81
Reflections on Life / 82

6. The Greatness of the Loving Heart / 85

Is Unlimited Love a Primary Purpose? / 86
The Extraordinary Potential and Benefits of Unlimited Love / 87
Service as Love in Action / 90
Love and Humility: How Are They Related? / 91
Unlimited Love as Healing Energy / 92
The Ways of Love / 93
Can Love Be an Eternal Universal Force More Potent Than Gravity, Light, or Electromagnetism? / 95
The Importance of Asking Questions / 96
Reflections on Life / 97


7. Multiplying Our Blessings and Deepening Our Purpose / 101

The Blessings of Personal Spiritual Values / 102
Food for Body, Mind, and Spirit / 103
The Benefits of Praise, Gratitude, and Thanksgiving / 105
Acknowledging Five Daily Blessings! / 106
The Happiness Option / 107
Personal Happiness / 108
Investing in Yourself and Investing Your Self / 109
A Deeper Meaning of Work / 110
Living and Working Purposefully / 112
Reflections on Life / 113

8. Discoveries! / 115

Being Who We Are / 117
Trusting the Spiritual Process / 119
Recognizing the Presence of the Sacred / 120
How May Prayer Help Us Find Greater Purpose? / 121
Personal Prayer Perspectives / 121
Building Spiritual Habits / 123
The Power to Choose / 125
Discovering New Frontiers / 126
Reflections on Life / 126

Notes / 129

Selected Bibliography and Recommended Reading / 133

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