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What is time? Is there a link between objective knowledge about time and subjective experience of time? And what is eternity? Does religion have the answer? Does science?

Internationally known scholar Antje Jackelén investigates the problem and concept of time. Her study draws on her experiences in the Continental-European science and religion dialogue, with a particular focus on the German, Scandinavian, and Anglo-American dialogues. Her analysis of the subject includes:

The notion of time and eternity as it is narrated through Christian hymn books stemming from Germany, Sweden, and the English-speaking world, with insights into changes of the concept and understanding of time in Christian spirituality over the past few decades
Theological approaches to time and eternity, as well as a look at Trinitarian theology and its relation to time
The discussion of scientific theories of time, including Newtonian, relativistic, quantum, and chaos theories
The formulation of a “theology of time,” a theological-mathematical model incorporating relational thinking oriented toward the future, the doctrine of trinity, and the notion of eschatology

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Preface to the English Edition / ix

Preface to the German Edition / xi

Introduction and Hermeneutical Approach / 1

1. No Concept of Time without Narrated Time: Narrated Time in Hymns / 11

Motivation—Why Hymns? / 11
Material / 13
Methods / 15
Quantitative Analysis / 17
Qualitative Analysis / 28
Summary and Preview / 55

2. Biblical and Theological Conceptions of Time / 61

On the Theological Understanding of the Problem of Time / 62
Time in the Bible / 64
Time in Theological Conceptualization / 81
Provisional Results—Eternity as the Other of Time / 116

3. Time in the Formulation of Scientific Theory / 121

On the Dialogue between Science and Theology / 121
The Concept of Absolute Time / 125
The Concept of Relative Time / 140
Time and the Quantum World / 149
Cosmological Perspectives / 159
Thermodynamics and Chaos Research / 166
Summarizing Reflections / 172

4. Aspects of a Theology of Time / 183

More Precise Definitions / 183
Trinitarian Models of Time / 190
Eschatology as the Key to a Relational Understanding of Time / 198
The Possibility and Urgency of a Theology of Time / 222

Notes / 233

Bibliography / 315

Index / 335

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