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The biography of the “Wizard of Wall Street” who has dedicated his life to advancing the scientific study of spiritual realities has been revised and updated. Sir John Templeton was an inspiring and motivational force both through his personal example and through the foundation that bears his name and is dedicated to his mission.

This volume reviews the life of this man of vision, from his childhood in rural Tennessee, to his education at Yale and Oxford, to his legendary years on Wall Street, the birth of his children, and the development and growth of “humility theology science.” Interwoven with the stories and facts are the roots of his faith and the values that he credits for his financial success and are the catalyst for his lifelong mission.

Sir John’s biography updates the growth of the many and varied programs of the John Templeton Foundation that support this mission. It also introduces some of the scientists, theologians, philosophers, writers, and fellow investors who now serve as staff and advisors to the John Templeton Foundation, striving toward Sir John’s goal of one-hundred-fold more spiritual information gained through the application of scientific methodology and analysis.

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Preface / ix

Introduction / 3


CHAPTER 1: An Investment in Scientific Research for More Spiritual Knowledge / 15

The human evolutionary pilgrimage • Acceleration of spiritual research • Awe at the size and intricacy of the universe • The human ego • The humble approach to comprehending more about God • How little we know, how eager we are to learn • Benefits from a new field of science, humility theology science

CHAPTER 2: Research on Spiritual Characteristics / 27

Testing the laws of the spirit • Universal principles of the spirit • Love hoarded dwindles, love given grows • It is better to give than to receive • Self-centeredness leads to loneliness • To be forgiven we must first forgive • Thanksgiving opens the door to spiritual growth

CHAPTER 3: Research in the Sciences / 39

Applying rigorous methodology to investigate deeper reality • Research at the limits of science • Scientists testing theological and philosophical questions • Paul Davies on mysticism • Research on purpose in the universe • Research on human creativity

CHAPTER 4: Research on the Role of Spirituality in Medicine / 49

Is religion the forgotten factor in medicine? • Contrasting religious attitudes of patients and health-care providers • Attitudes of medical scientists • Changing the attitudes of medical educators • New research opportunities

CHAPTER 5: A Call to Humility / 61

Theology is often resistant to new ideas • Science is providing empirical and scholarly approaches to new ideas • Prizes for papers in humility theology • The Progress in Theology newsletter • Who’s Who in Theology and Science

CHAPTER 6: Discovering the “Laws of Life” / 69

A high school essay program • Finding direction for life in rural Tennessee • How John Templeton’s parents influenced him • The Honor Roll for Character-Building Colleges • Future plans for academic courses emphasizing spiritual “Laws of Life” • Discovering the “Laws of Life”

CHAPTER 7: Bringing Science and Religion Together on Campus / 81

The gap between science and religion • The openness of scientists • New scientific developments of significance for theology • The Science & Religion Course Program


CHAPTER 8: The Winchester Years / 95

A trip through Winchester • John’s parents and grandparents • Reminiscing with John’s brother • A remarkable upbringing • Educational trips • Marriage to Irene Butler • Eight weeks in Europe in a Volkswagen bus • John’s mother’s spiritual influence

CHAPTER 9: Reaching Out: Yale, Oxford, and Across the World / 109

Selling magazines to raise money for college • Studying economics at Yale • Attending Oxford as a Rhodes scholar • Founding Templeton College at Oxford years later • A post-graduation around-the-world tour • A brush with death in Palestine • Marriage to Judith Dudley Folk

CHAPTER 10: The Growth Years / 123

The early investment years • The principles of thrift and bargain hunting • The typewriter principle • The birth of John’s three children • Church and community activities • Dudley’s accidental death • Board of Trustees of Princeton Theological Seminary • Young Presidents Organization • The Templeton Growth Fund

CHAPTER 11: Investing with John Templeton / 135

The Templeton investment philosophy • The principle of maximum pessimism • The move to the Bahamas • John’s commitment to prayer and double tithing • The rise to international prominence • John Galbraith and Mark Holowesko • The sale to Franklin Resources, Inc.

CHAPTER 12: John Templeton’s Spiritual Investment Program / 147

The Templeton Prize • The Templeton Foundation • The Humility Theology Information Center • Honors for Sir John Templeton

CHAPTER 13: The Future of the Vision / 169

The staff of the John Templeton Foundation • The advisory board of the Humility Theology Information Center • Main objectives of the John Templeton Foundation • Researching creativity, purpose, the “Laws of Life,” and spiritual benefits to health and character building • Academic courses on science and religion • Science and Spiritual Quest programs • Humble Approach Initiative • Meaning of Freedom Program • Extending spirit of humility to all religions • Conclusion


A. Awards and Accomplishments of John Marks Templeton / 195

B. Board of Advisors of the John Templeton Foundation Humility Theology Information Center / 201

C. Trustees and Members of the John Templeton Foundation / 209

D. Recipients of the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion / 211

E. Examples of Grants from the John Templeton Foundation / 214

F. 1999 Science & Religion Course Competition and Workshops / 222

G. 1999 Call for Exemplary Papers in Humility Theology / 223

H. Two Hundred Spiritual Principles from Worldwide Laws of Life / 224

I. Statement on Humility Theology / 233

J. Humility Theology Questions / 236

Notes / 239

Index / 243

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