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Does scientific evidence give credence to religious belief? Ted Burge, a highly respected physicist in the United Kingdom, draws on his background in the fields of science and theology to address the issue.

The book begins with an analysis of evidence found in the text of the Bible in different translations, proceeds to an examination of interpretations of the Old and New Testaments, and then looks at evidence from the sciences, including archeological findings, geological mappings, and carbon-dating, alongside data from the arts, hymns, literature, and historians’ testimonies.

Evidence is presented on:

Physical, geological, and biological evolution, and their relation to the Genesis story of creation
Original sin, the origin of death, and the immortality of the soul, as described in Babylonian and other stories, including the Flood and the Tower of Babel
The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus, Incarnation and Atonement
Free will and the nature of love
Miracles as described in the Bible
The evolution of belief
Meditation and prayer as a “conscious interchange of thoughts with God”

Knowledge of science is knowledge of God’s creation and often helps to identify some of the things we can say about God, the author points out.

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Foreword by Rt. Rev. John Austin Baker / ix

Preface / xi

Acknowledgments / xiii

1.  Evidence / 3

2.  Belief / 14

3.  Evidence in the Bible / 28

4.  Interpretation of the Bible / 37

5.  Evidence Other Than in the Bible / 50

6.  Physical Evolution / 61

7.  Geological Evolution / 68

8.  Biological Evolution / 74

9.  The Genesis Story of Creation / 79

10.  Today’s Creation Story: January 1, 2000 / 82

11.  More Genesis Stories / 85

12.  Person—Material, Mental, Spiritual / 99

13.  Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus / 109

14.  Miracles / 118

15.  Suffering / 122

16.  Incarnation and Atonement / 130

17.  The Evolution of Belief? / 158

18.  Evidence from Meditation and Prayer / 175

Appendix A: Radiocarbon Dating / 181

Appendix B: Ages of Rocks / 183

Bibliography / 185

Index / 189

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