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Many people embark on the journey of adoption and foster care but are unprepared for the challenges that await them along the way. Replanted takes an honest look at the joys and hardships that come with choosing this journey and provides a model of faith-based support made up of three parts to help families thrive: Soil, Sunlight, and Water.

Soil, or emotional support, addresses the need for grace-filled settings where families can connect with other families who understand their experience.
Sunlight, or informational support, focuses on obtaining helpful training to raise children who may have unique needs or challenges.
Water, or tangible support, deals with concrete resources such as medical care, child care, and financial support.

Throughout the book, the Replanted model is brought to life by stories and examples based on the clinical work and personal experiences of the authors. Their candid insight will serve families who are actively involved in adoption or foster care, as well as people who are eager to help support those families.

Replanted affirms that with the right support system in place, parents can answer this sacred call not only with open hearts but also with their eyes wide open.

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“Jesus often drew vivid word pictures from agriculture—wheat fields and mustard seeds, fig trees and grapevines—to help us see His kingdom, ourselves, and what we most need. Replanted does the same, using rich images from the plant world in ways both poetic and practical to help us grasp and feel God’s good purposes for us as adoptive and foster families.”

– Jedd Medefind, president, Christian Alliance for Orphans

“The loving care of orphans and foster children is the most sacred thing in the world. Those who take on this courageous journey know that it is the greatest of life’s joys—but also full of hardships and challenges. With their ministry, the authors of this amazing book have empowered the church to support families with ‘replanted’ children. They are the most qualified people I know to speak truth into this experience. For both the heroes engaged in adoption or foster care and those of us eager to support them, this book is a must-read.”

– Dr. Wess Stafford, president emeritus, Compassion International, author of Too Small to Ignore and Just a Minute

“The wall. That is exactly what foster and adoptive parents hit when expectations of the journey collide with the realities of the experience. Authors Jenn¸ Josh, and Mike understand this experience well and have written an amazing, much needed resource for parents and churches. The analogy of what families need—soil (emotional support), sunlight (informational support), and water (tangible support)—truly speaks to the heart of the need. The exercises at the end of each chapter allow for every reader to build self-awareness, parenting awareness, and God awareness. I highly recommend this book for foster and adoptive parents and the ministries and organizations that support them.”

– Jayne Schooler, author of Wounded Children, Healing Home and Telling the Truth to Adopted and Foster Children

“Replanted openly explores the challenges faced by children impacted by early trauma believing that hope and healing can come as parents gain the support they need, as support systems become trauma-competent, and as churches become more intentional in the ways they come alongside families built through adoption and foster care.  Replanted is a timely resource and encouragement for anyone, anywhere, on the journey of adoption and foster care.”

– Terri Coley, coordinator of Pre+Post Adoption Support, Show Hope

“Replanted provides wise counsel and guidance to those who welcome vulnerable children into their hearts and homes. This resource will challenge and equip, comfort and encourage those on God’s journey to love children from hard places, and inform the church about the crucial role it can play in supporting them.”

– Sharen Ford, director of Foster Care & Adoption Advocacy for Children, Focus on the Family

“Jenn, Josh, and Mike have created something amazing here.  Real, authentic conversation about the challenges of this journey combined with hope-filled stories and practical resources that breathe fresh wind in the sails of caregivers.  Every foster and adoptive parent will want to have this book on their kitchen table!”

– Michele Schneidler, cofounder of the Refresh Conference and senior vice president of programs/partnerships for the 1MILLIONHOME campaign

“We have been waiting for this book that, through personal stories, discussion questions, and the Replanted model of support, brings relevant and fresh solutions to the long-recognized core issues in relinquishment and adoption. Offering hope and tools to this generation of adoptive and foster parents, it also provides the insights needed by members of the Church to extend grace and support these families.”

– Rebecca MacDougall, LCSW, adoptive mother and executive branch director, Bethany Christian Services of Illinois

“As a foster/adoptive parent this book would have saved me years of research and heartache. Not only do Jenn, Josh, and Mike do a fantastic job of taking all different types of research and condensing it down to what is applicable to caregivers, but they do it in a way that is engaging, full of stories, hope, laughter, and tears.  They are honest about the deep paradox that exists for families and communities caring for children from trauma. They give practical advice and tools to organizations wanting to support and aid in the healing process, and they do it all with grace and faith. I couldn’t recommend this book more; potential caregivers, you need this! Support systems, they need you to know this!”

– Amanda Purvis, TBRI training specialist, Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

“Replanted is a must-have resource for your library! Whether you are an adoptive or foster parent, or you desire to support the ones serving in the trenches, this book is for you. Jenn writes with humility and wisdom from her years of experience working with families. Replanted is not a ‘roses and butterflies’ type of book; it is honest and real and full of hope and practical help to bring healing to your family.”

– Jami Kaeb, founder & executive director, The Forgotten Initiative

“Our children have complex needs. Jenn, Josh, and Mike provide parents, as well as those in support systems, with practical tools and knowledge to utilize while embarking upon the healing journey. This book is a great resource.”

– Daren Jones, training specialist, Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

“While beautiful and life-giving, the journey of foster care and adoption can also at times feel lonely and isolating. That’s why resources like Replanted are so crucial. This book provides a practical, insightful and proven model of support for families to not only help them survive, but to thrive in the homes, their marriages and their families.”

– Jason Johnson, speaker, blogger, and author of ReFraming Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the Gospel

“Replanted is as close to an all-in-one handbook for foster and adoptive parents as I’ve come across.  Jenn Hook brings the expertise of a clinician and the compassion of a ministry leader who has jumped into the trenches with many foster and adoptive parents. For those who are new to foster care and adoption, and for those considering getting involved, this book offers hope and a strong foundation. Replanted tops my list as recommended reading for all foster and adoptive parents.”

– Jamie C. Finn, speaker, blogger, and author of Foster the Family, foster and adoptive mom

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Preface / ix

Acknowledgments / xi

Section 1: Introduction and Theoretical Foundation

Chapter 1: Caring for Vulnerable Children Is Challenging and Beautiful / 3

Chapter 2: Life in the Trenches / 23

Chapter 3: Discerning the Christian Call to Care for Vulnerable Children / 59

Section 2: The Replanted Model

Chapter 4: The Soil: Emotional Support / 91

Chapter 5: The Sunlight: Informational Support / 123

Chapter 6: The Water: Tangible Support / 151

Section 3: Support in Context

Chapter 7: How to Help without Hurting / 175

Chapter 8: Support through the Church / 195

Chapter 9: You Are Not Alone / 219

Appendix A: Books / 229

Appendix B: Conferences and Retreats / 231

Appendix C: Trainings / 233

Appendix D: Websites / 235

References / 237

Index / 241

About the Authors / 259

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