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Candidly, with a mixture of joy, poignancy, and gratitude, the chairman and president of the John Templeton Foundation reflects on the learning and growing he has experienced and the perspectives he has gained throughout his life. In so doing, he continues the legacy of his father, Sir John Templeton, who has used stories from his life to provide instruction for his children, grandchildren, and other future descendants, just as he has drawn on those stories in his many books of inspiration and guidance for the general public.

Dr. Templeton shares stories about his personal life, his career in medicine, his early involvement with philanthropy, and his commitment to the John Templeton Foundation and its mission. Events and circumstances in his youth opened him to spirituality, taught him about altruistic love, and introduced him to values he would cultivate throughout his life: thrift, saving, hard work, creativity, and responsibility.

His journey takes him from his early life in Winchester, Tennessee, to New Jersey, Yale University, medical school, the Navy, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the John Templeton Foundation. Along the way, there were lessons learned from his disruptive behavior in elementary school; the deaths of his grandmother and mother; travel to Europe, Africa, and throughout the U.S.; marriage and fatherhood; his growing commitment as a Christian; and his family’s experience with an armed robbery. It continues with his experiences in pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, including work with conjoined twins; experience with the mutual fund industry and a role with the Templeton Growth Fund; an intensely rewarding medical specialty in trauma; philanthropy and fund-raising efforts, including a sad experience with fraud; the pride of professorship; and serving as chairman and president of the John Templeton Foundation.

With gratitude he credits his many mentors for the wisdom they passed on to him. Among them are John Galbraith, Dr. C. Everett Koop, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and, of course, always and above all, his father. With appreciation, he recounts the blessings of a full and productive life that continue today as he provides leadership to the diverse programs and initiatives of the John Templeton Foundation.

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Introduction / vii

1. The Early Years / 3

2. Elementary School Days / 22

3. Junior High School / 32

4. George School Years / 41

5. Europe on Five Dollars a Day / 51

6. Senior Year at George School / 62

7. Freshman Year at Yale / 68

8. Family Trip to Europe / 75

9. Sophomore Year at Yale / 80

10. A Trip to Africa / 82

11. Junior and Senior Years at Yale / 101

12. Soviet Youth Festival / 109

13. First Year of Medical School / 114

14. Second Year of Medical School / 119

15. My Second, Second Year / 127

16. Third and Fourth Years of Medical School / 139

17. Internship – Medical College of Virginia / 151

18. Wedding and Honeymoon / 169

19. Assistant Residency and Senior Assistant Residency / 175

20. Chief Residency Year / 183

21. Pediatric Surgical Fellowship at CHOP / 192

22. U.S. Navy / 204

23. Our Permanent Home – Early Years / 215

24. Christmas Parties at the Templetons’ / 222

25. My Experience with the Mutual Fund Industry / 235

26. Education and Philanthropy / 243

27. Vacations / 256

28. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia / 264

29. International Involvement / 284

30. A Subspecialty Interest in Trauma / 289

31. The Changing Climate of Medicine / 295

32. Transitions / 301

33. Concluding Thoughts / 319

Appendix A – A History of the John Templeton Foundation / 327

Appendix B – National Liberty Museum’s Heroes of Liberty Award / 345

Index / 349

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The Bulletin

[T]his book beats the TV show House.

– Frank Diamond

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