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Now in paperback, this challenging and provocative book strips the veneer from the financial advice of some popular evangelical media celebrities and advocates a reintegrating of faith and finances.

Faithful Finances 101 is a first-person narrative by outspoken advocate of faith-based investing. A senior vice president of investments at Paine Webber before founding his own investment firm as “counsel to ethical and spiritual investors,” Gary Moore warns that much of the economic advice emanating from some popular and influential evangelical authors and speakers is based on scare tactics and distortions of what the Bible has to say about finances. He draws on fifty years of studying the Bible, politics, and economics, and presents insights for those who want to be faithful in their finances—to use 100 percent of the time, talent, and treasure with which they have been entrusted for the glory of God as well as for the benefit of others and themselves, and not just give 10 percent of their incomes to the church.

“Many financial gurus are ignorant of spiritual matters. Many spiritual leaders are ignorant of financial matters. In a rare blend, Gary Moore brings together proven financial expertise with mature spiritual insights. This book is a must read for those who care about managing their finances faithfully.”
—David W. Miller, PhD, Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Yale Divinity School

“The book is hard-hitting, thought-provoking, and intellectually challenging, offering a Christian view of macroeconomics rather than a mere how-to guide for personal finance.”
—Publishers Weekly

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About the Author / vii

Foreword by Sir John Templeton / ix

Preface / xi

Acknowledgments / xvii

Introduction / 1

Part I: The Desert Detour around True Riches

Chapter One: Money as Religion / 9

Chapter Two: Tuning Out False Prophets / 17

Chapter Three: Economies in Conflict, Ethics at War / 35

Part II: The Ethic of the Jewish Scriptures

Chapter Four: The Creativity of the Patriarchs / 55

Chapter Five: Financial Concepts of the Spiritually Wise / 107

Chapter Six: The Passionate Introspection of Prophets / 137

Part III: The Spirit of the Christian Scriptures

Chapter Seven: The Financial Challenges of the Gospels / 155

Chapter Eight: The Truth-Filled, Loving Community of the Epistles / 191

Part IV: The Loving Spirit of True Wealth Creation

Chapter Nine: A Vision for the Third Millennium / 209

Recommended Reading / 217

Subject and Name Index / 220

Scripture Index / 228

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