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Interviewed by Newsweek (November 10, 2003) about his book Spirituality in Patient Care (Templeton Foundation Press) and his research in religion and health, Dr. Harold Koenig has become the international voice on the subjects of spirituality, health, and aging. In Faith in the Future, two other experts. Douglas M. Lawson and Malcolm McConnell join Dr. Koenig to discuss aging and human development. They present a compelling look at one of the most serious issues in today’s society: health care in America.

How will we provide quality healthcare to older adults who need it during the next thirty to fifty years? Who will provide this care? How will it be funded? How can we establish care systems now to be in place as demographic and health-related economic pressures mount?

Alongside the sobering reality of the challenges our country faces, there are reasons for optimism. Innovative programs created and maintained by volunteers and religious congregations are emerging as pivotal factors in meeting health care needs. By summarizing decades of scientific research and providing numerous inspirational examples and role models, the authors present practical steps individuals and institutions may emulate to put faith into action.

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Introduction / 3

Part I: The Dilemma and Challenge / 13

Chapter One: Our Aging Population: The Dilemma and Challenge / 19

Chapter Two: Spiraling Healthcare Costs / 28

Chapter Three: Healthcare Institutions: Financial Pressures, Innovative Opportunities / 40

Part II: Some Solutions to Our Healthcare Crisis / 53

Chapter Four: Prevention, Healthy Living, and Wellness / 55

Chapter Five: Religion, Aging, and Health / 77

Chapter Six: Religion and the Long Tradition of Caring for the Sick / 98

Part III: The Role of Caring Communities 111

Chapter Seven: Religious Congregations and Retirement Communities as Support Networks / 113

Chapter Eight: Successful Aging and Purpose-Filled Retirement: The Mutual Benefits of Volunteering / 125

Chapter Nine: What “Caring” for the Elderly Truly Entails / 150

Part IV: Implementing the Vision / 167

Chapter Ten: The Partnership of Government, Philanthropy, and Faith-Based Communities / 169

Chapter Eleven: Practical Steps for Putting Faith into Action / 188

Appendix A: Contact Information / 203

Appendix B: References / 206

Index / 209

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