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“Truly a legend in our time, John Templeton understands that the real measure of a person’s success in life is not financial accomplishment but moral integrity and inner character.” —Billy Graham

“This is a book that belongs to the list of seminal publications of the twentieth century. How grateful the world will be that John Templeton has shared his secret openly, forthrightly, packed with integrity and healing powers.” —Robert Schuller

Formerly published by Continuum in 1994.

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Requesting an Exam Copy

Exam copies are sent to professors who would like to review the book before deciding whether to use it in a class. To request an exam copy, you must fill out the form below. It will automatically be sent to a staff member.

In our efforts to stay green, reduce expenses, and maintain scholarly accessibility, we are sending examination copies as electronic downloads in the Adobe Digital Edition format for a 90-day review period. If you have any trouble accessing the book in this format, please contact us and we will send a traditional copy of the book instead.

If you chose to review the electronic version of the book and adopt the book for one of your courses, upon notification by you or your bookstore, a traditional bound book will be sent to you free of charge.

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Desk copies are complimentary books sent to professors who have already adopted the book for a course. To request a desk copy, please fill out the form below. It will automatically be sent to a staff member.

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Foreword by Norman Vincent Peale / 1

Introduction by John Marks Templeton / 3

Week One / 9

Week Two / 16

Week Three / 25

Week Four / 32

Week Five / 39

Week Six / 46

Week Seven / 54

Week Eight / 61

Week Nine / 68

Week Ten / 74

Week Eleven / 82

Week Twelve / 91

Week Thirteen / 97

Week Fourteen / 104

Week Fifteen / 111

Week Sixteen / 119

Week Seventeen / 126

Week Eighteen / 132

Week Nineteen / 140

Week Twenty / 148

Week Twenty-One / 155

Week Twenty-Two / 162

Week Twenty-Three / 169

Week Twenty-Four / 176

Week Twenty-Five / 183

Week Twenty-Six / 190

Week Twenty-Seven / 197

Week Twenty-Eight / 204

Week Twenty-Nine / 212

Week Thirty / 220

Week Thirty-One / 229

Week Thirty-Two / 235

Week Thirty-Three / 243

Week Thirty-Four / 250

Week Thirty-Five / 257

Week Thirty-Six / 265

Week Thirty-Seven / 272

Week Thirty-Eight / 279

Week Thirty-Nine / 287

Week Forty / 294

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Behind this book is the belief that the basic principles for leading a “sublime” life can be examined and tested just as science examines and tests the natural laws of the universe. These laws of life are the wisdom of the ages, the principles of spiritual maturity, the fundamental values that lead to productive and happy lives.

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