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Stephen R. Clark, Author published by Templeton Press

Stephen R. L. Clark is professor of philosophy and Leverhulme Research
Fellow at the University of Liverpool, England. He received his D Phil
from Oxford in 1973. Dr. Clark served as chief editor at the Journal of Applied Philosophy for eleven years and is now a member of its editorial board, as well as serving on the boards of Religious Studies and the Cambridge University Press series New Studies in Christian Ethics. Well known for his interest both in religion and science fiction, he has lectured widely in the U.S. and the U.K. He has authored more than sixty scholarly articles, contributed chapters to seventy-five books, edited one book, and written fourteen others, including: The Mysteries of Religion, Civil Peace and Sacred Order, How to Live Forever, Animals and their Moral Standing, and Biology and Christian Ethics. His main work at present is with the ethics and psychology of the philosopher Plotinus.