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Robert L. Herrmann, Author published by Templeton Press

Dr. Herrmann is former adjunct professor at Gordon College and taught medical school biochemistry for twenty-two years; first at Boston University and later at Oral Roberts University. At the latter he directed a nation-wide recruitment program for medical and dental school faculty interested in a high level Christian mission-oriented teaching program.

In 1981, he left medical education to become executive director of the American Scientific Affiliation, a 2,200-member society of Christians interested in integrating Christian faith and science. There he met member Sir John Templeton, with whom he collaborated in writing several books, including The God Who Would Be Known and Is God the Only Reality? In 1998 he wrote Sir John’s biography and a revised edition in 2004. Dr. Herrmann was a founding member of the John Templeton Foundation.

Throughout his career Dr. Herrmann sought to address “the Big Questions” associated with a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between faith and science.