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Kenneth Seeman Giniger, Author published by Templeton Press

Kenneth Seeman Giniger joined the trade book division of Prentice-Hall as editor-in-chief in 1949. In 1052, he founded the company’s Hawthorn Books division, a leading publisher of Catholic books. In 1965 he establish his own publishing company, K. S. Giniger Company Inc., which published nonfiction books by authors such as former CIA chief Allen W. Dulles, Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu, and Pope John XXIII, and Sir John Templeton. He is the former president of the Consolidated Book Publishers Division of Proceeding Books Inc. and the Tradewinds Group, a division of the Paul Hamlyn Group of Sydney, Australia. He later served as a lecturer, adjunct professor, and on the advisory board of the John Templeton Foundation. 

As an author, Giniger wrote A Guide to Co-Production and Import Practices Between American Publishers and Foreign Publishers with William J. Daly, The Compact Treasury of Inspiration. He died on April 26, 2019.