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Bryon R. Johnson, Author published by Templeton Press

Byron R. Johnson is Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences and Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR) as well as director of the Program on Prosocial Behavior, both at Baylor University. Before joining the faculty at Baylor University, Johnson directed research centers at Vanderbilt University and the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Johnson has recently completed a series of empirical studies on the role of religion in prosocial youth behavior and is a member of the Coordinating Council for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. He is a leading authority on the scientific study of religion, the efficacy of faith-based organizations, and criminal justice. His recent publications have examined the impact of faith-based programs on recidivism reduction and prisoner reentry. Johnson and ISR colleagues (Rodney Stark, Philip Jenkins, and Jeff Levin) are partnering with the Gallup Organization on studies addressing religion and spirituality in the world.